Holidays in the UK
What is a Staycation?

Simply put, staycation is a combination of the words stay and vacation and it means taking a holiday in your home country. Originally staycations involved a day out to a destination usually driving distance away and without an overnight stay, but nowadays it mostly refers to holidaying without flying to another country. Think of it as a stay-at-home vacation.

The term was coined in 2005 and has stuck to become part of travel enthusiast's lingo. And it's easy to see why! There are loads of benefits, such as the lower cost, less travelling involved, no language barrier, and of course the chance to discover the hidden gems of the UK. In the current climate, a staycation is the perfect option and is even being encouraged by the Government, so there's no better time for a holiday in the UK!

Domestic travel around the UK will be important to safeguarding domestic tourism and the support of jobs as part of the recovery from Covid-19.

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Plan your next staycation!

The United Kingdom is the world's 10th biggest tourist destination.

From wild coastal spots like Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland to quiet, cozy country towns in Devon to culture capitals like London and Edinburgh, the diversity of the UK makes it a great place for a staycation. Not only can local holidays cut down on travel time and spending, they also generally make for a more eco-friendly holiday.

Top staycation holidays

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UK city breaks

If you're looking for nightlife, entertainment and culture all wrapped up in one convenient package, then there's nothing like spending a few days in one of the UK's great cities.

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